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General conditions for the online edition

Use of the Journal de l’École polytechnique electronic publishing implies certain rules of good behaviour which are listed below.

Access to the database containing the bibliographical references of all the articles is totally free via the "search" and "browse" functions. The database itself is the property of the Journal de l’École polytechnique, and contains elements covered by copyright. Any copy or reconstruction of a significant part of the database using data from the Journal de l’École polytechnique site is a counterfeit punished by law.

The full-text files can be downloaded by individual users for purposes of research, study or training. They are made ​​available under the terms of the Creative Commons License BY-ND details of which are available at

Each article (work) is protected by the law of literary and artistic property rights or any other applicable law. Any use of the work other than as permitted by this license is reserved. The exercise of any right regarding the work made available constitutes acceptance of these terms. Due to the contractual nature of the license, the journal grants to the user the rights contained in this license in return for its acceptance.

It is forbidden to modify any content available on the Journal de l’École polytechnique site. In particular, the copyright mentions must not be dissociated from the data they cover, be it during copying, transmission or printing of these data.

Every article has a stable URL (Uniform Resource Locator) in the form which is printed on the first page of the provided full text files, and refers to the complete reference of the article. The Journal de l’École polytechnique encourage users who wish to refer to an article to use this URL. The physical or logical adress of the files themselves being subject to modification with no warning.

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