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The Journal de l’École polytechnique — Mathématiques (JEP) publishes, in English or French, original research articles. It aims at reaching the best level, when compared to international mathematical journals, in all domains of applied and fundamental mathematics.

It was launched in 2013 and is meant as a continuation of the Journal de l’École polytechnique, one of the oldest French scientific journals (1795–1939), which published articles in mathematics as well as in mechanics and in physics. Famous French mathematicians, as for example Appell, Catalan, Chasles, Cauchy, Fourier, Hermite, Hugoniot, Jordan, Lagrange, Laplace, P. Lévy, Liouville, S. Mandelbrojt, Monge, Painlevé, Picard, Poincaré, Poisson, Rouché, Saint Venant, signed articles in this journal. On the occasion of its centenary issue, in 1895, the journal published the fundamental paper “Analysis Situs” by Poincaré.

Access policy

The articles of the JEP are published online. The JEP adheres to the principles of Fair Open Access, is indexed in the Directory of Open Access Journals (DOAJ) and is a member of the Free Journal Network. The JEP follows a true Open Access policy:

  • The access on this cedram platform is free for all readers. Please, consult the section Legislation and copyright for legal statements.
  • No fee is required to authors or their institutions in order to publish their work.
  • A printed volume is published yearly and sold at a reasonable cost by the Éditions de l’École polytechnique.
  • The authors keep their rights and their work is protected by the Creative Commons license BY-ND.

This Open Access policy is made possible due to the support of various Institutions: École polytechnique, CNRS, Université Joseph Fourier.

Best practices

The JEP adheres to the Code of practice, as detailed on Pages 2-5 of the linked document edited by the European Mathematical Society Ethics Committee.


For the submission of an article, please consult the section Instruction for Authors or login to the editorial web page of the Journal de l’École polytechnique


The Journal de l’École polytechnique has been published from 1795 to 1939 by the "Conseil d’instruction de cet établissement" and changed its title four times before being known as Journal de l’École polytechnique from 1870 to 1939:

  • Journal polytechnique ou Bulletin du travail fait à l’École centrale des travaux publics, 1er cahier (an 3, germinal)
  • Journal de l’École polytechnique ou Bulletin du travail fait à cette École, 2e cahier (an 3, floréal/prairial)-6e cahier (an 7, thermidor)
  • Journal de l’École royale polytechnique, 18e cahier (1820, janv.)-31e cahier (1847)
  • Journal de l’École impériale polytechnique, 35e cahier (1853)-43e cahier (1870).

It is irregularly published from 1795 to 1823 ; then yearly (irregular) from 1831 to 1935 ; and quarterly from 1937 to 1939. The archive of the Journal de l’École polytechnique is accessible online with Gallica.

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